Enemy's Demise

Lao Bai Cha| Fujian Province, Zhenghe | Spring 2012
357 gram Compressed Cake

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Brews 257 cups of tea. $1.94 per cup.


About Enemy's Demise

Enemy's Demise (Lao Bai Cha) is an easy-to-drink, introductory aged tea.


You won't find our Lao Bai Cha anywhere else in the Western market. It is nine years old. White teas that have been aged that much have become scarce because they are very popular to drink in China. Chinese tea drinkers view aged white tea as health boosters. That's why the tea literati in China want to buy our Lao Bai Cha back from us!


Drinking Experience

When you smell Enemy's Demise, you'll notice a slightly sweat, slightly malty aroma. The tea should look shiny when brewed properly.


When we taste our Lao Bai Cha, we pick up on mellow, clean, slightly fruity flavor notes. The aftertaste is fresh and soft on the tongue.


Our Lao Bai Cha has a medium body and distinct dryness. As you drink the tea, note that you'll feel a warming and grounding sensation.

Best Brewed in Glass or Ceramic

Water Temperature 175°F
Amount of tea 4 grams of tea
Brew Covered or Uncovered Uncovered
Rinse None
Brew Times

Ceramic or Glass

  • 1st Brew: 4 minutes
  • 2nd Brew: 2 minutes
  • 3rd Brew: 3 minutes

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