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Intro To Tea Tasting Class

Learn How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Tea

Learn How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Tea

Tea can have more complex flavors than coffee or wine. But, most people can't unlock tea's unique flavors.

The secret to making the perfect cup of tea? How you brew it.

We've mastered the art of brewing tea perfectly by working with farmers in China for over a decade. Now, we're excited to share our secrets with you.

In our "Introduction to Tea Tasting" class, you'll learn how to brew and taste artisanally crafted Chinese tea. By the end of the class, you'll feel confident making and tasting tea every time you brew.


Learn what makes artisanal Chinese tea special and what the differences are among each type of tea.


Together, we give you a live tutorial on how to brew two of our favorite teas. We show you the secrets to brewing so you can taste the fullest flavor our tea has to offer.


After brewing, we guide you through the steps for tasting artisanal tea so you can judge the tea's quality and flavor.

Why Customers Love Virtual Tea Tasting


I didn't appreciate how mind blowing Chinese tea could taste until I took Sophie's virtual tea tasting class.

Chris M.

Oakland, CA


Taking virtual tea tasting was an eye opener. I could never get my tea to taste as good as what was brewed in a tea shop. Now I can!

Peter C.

Cambridge, MA


John and Xiaobei were so much fun to brew tea with. An educational and entertaining way to spend a Saturday!

Marie H.

Berkeley, CA


I always thought tea was supposed to be bitter until I brewed tea with John and Xiaobei. I couldn't believe that tea could taste sweet without adding any sugar!

Joe B.

Phoenix, AZ


So much fun! There's a lot more to loose leaf tea than I realized before I took John and Xiaobei's virtual tea tasting class.

Jack S.

Los Angeles, CA


Yes, this class is online only. When you purchase the class, we will send you tea in the mail and a Zoom link to attend.

We hold the class once a month on Saturday at 1:30PM Eastern/10:30AM Pacific. The next class that you can sign up for will be held on March 19.

The next intro class is being held on March 19, 2022 at 1:30PM Eastern/10:30AM Pacific.

We will send you a Zoom link after you sign up.

The class will run for 60 - 90 minutes.

When you purchase the Intro class, we will send you:

1. Two of our favorite loose leaf teas to brew, pre-measured

2. A tea strainer

3. Information on the teas provided as well as a link to attend the class

Apart from what we send you, you will need:

1. 12 - 16 oz ceramic mugs

2. 12 - 16 oz glass cups

These will be used to brew the tea.

Although not required, we highly recommend that you have:

1. Temperature controlled water. None of our teas are brewed with boiling water. However, we will teach you how to prepare the water if you don't have a way to control its temperature.

2. Properly balanced PH water. Some parts of the country have hard water that will distort your tea's flavor. We recommend using filtered water or buying CORE Hydration water for brewing tea.

3. A metric scale. You won't need to measure tea for this course, but a scale that measures in 1 gram increments is required if you purchase any tea after the class.

For one of the teas we brew, a clay teapot is great to use if it can hold at least 12oz of water.

We also recommend that you have glass containers that hold at least 12oz of water to brew our other tea.

We will feature two of our favorite teas from the shop: Crimson Needle and Iron Goddess (Roasted).

Virtual Tea Tasting Intro Class - March 19

Virtual Tea Tasting Intro Class - March 19

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Join us online on March 19 at 1:30PM Eastern/10:30AM Pacific to learn the secrets to tasting artisanal loose leaf tea.

By taking this introductory course, you will learn how to brew loose leaf Chinese tea so you can judge its quality and get the most flavor from your cup.

Our introductory class runs once per month and is typically between 60 and 90 minutes long.

When you purchase our intro class, we will ship you a box containing:

  • Two of our favorite loose leaf teas, pre-measured
  • A tea strainer
  • Information on the tea you'll be brewing and how to join us on Zoom

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