User's Guide to Sophies

Here are a few tips to make the most of the experience of ordering from Sophie's online store.

Naming Conventions--Chinese teas are romanized and named many confusing ways (including the same name for different teas). To avoid confusion, when we use Chinese names we use Mandarin pinyin spelling. For example, the Chinese Mandarin pinyin of Wu Long is familiar to many as Oolong. For the most part, for the English language audience we have translated names according to original Chinese when they make sense. When the Chinese is generic or duplicated across different types of teas we have provided names related to some characteristic of the tea.

Tea Categories--Sophie's categorizes teas the way they are categorized in China. Chinese call fully oxidized teas Red teas rather than Black teas as you often see in the West. Sophie's uses this convention because the Chinese have a tea category called Black tea which refers to fermented teas.

Tea Color--One further note:tea categories do not refer to the color of a tea. They refer to processing characteristic of a tea. For example, Green teas are unoxidized teas whereas Wu Long Teas are semi-oxidized and Red teas are fully oxidized.

Caffeine--Some Customers may be sensitive to caffeine. In addition to our caffeinated offerings Sophie's has a category of tea called Herbal that has zero caffeine.

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