Wu Long Teas

Wu Longs are made from Camellia Sinensis leaves that undergo partial oxidation. The enzymatic process that occurs during oxidation allows farmers to produce different flavor profiles. The lightly oxidized teas tend to have a light floral aroma and taste. Some also have hints of fruit. The more heavily oxidized teas have flavors that are more full bodied. Flavors in these type of Wu Longs can include hints of fruit, floral or heavy roasted tastes. The more heavily roasted and full bodied teas are generally "cliff teas" from northern Fujian Province.


The art of making Wu Longs is passed from generation to generation. Wu Longs that come from the Wu Yi Mountain area are among the most highly prized in the world.  Sophie's is pleased to offer a very wide selection of Wu Yi Mountain cliff teas.  In addition, we have Wu Longs from Southern Fujian province as well as Canton province.

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