How To Find A Loose Leaf Green Tea You Like

How To Find A Loose Leaf Green Tea You Like
“The straight line, a respectable optical illusion which ruins many a man.”
Victor Hugo
The safe thought to have around tea decisions is that your appreciation of the criteria is always changing.

Have you ever found yourself surrounded by what seem like uncountable alternatives, frozen in uncertainty?  Which one shall I choose, what if I make the wrong choice?

Fortunately, when thinking about premium, single origin tea, specifically trying a green tea, there are ways of thinking that can make initial choices easier.

The first decision is whether one wants a single origin tea.  If one is looking for specific added flavors, spices or a strong sweetness you should be sticking to blended teas or herbals. 

Single origin implies subtlety of flavors, greater expense and a generally more complicated tasting and energetics experience.  Also, one should allot more time to savor and to understand the rhythm of the tea.  Yes—teas have their own rhythm; the pace at which teas can be fully enjoyed varies by type, quality and other characteristics. 

Before starting a tea experience, examine the main criteria that are important to you when drinking any beverage.  Are you looking for certain flavors, certain aromas?  Are you looking for an instant gratification boost of sugar and caffeine?  Are you looking for a flavor and energetics journey? 

Are you looking for specific feelings in the body, (e.g. I want to be wide awake!), are you looking for a total experience, including rhythm of making and consuming your beverage?  

Or, perhaps you want convenience and don’t want to be connected to a beverage except through ease of consumption? 

There are lots of reasons or factors that lead us to a beverage and contribute to our satisfaction with the beverage.   In terms of a loose-leaf green tea, whether you brew yourself or go to your favorite teashop you can get your bearings by considering the following factors.

Aromas:  Looking for light, grassy or very fresh?  How about heavy and distinctive, or hints of roastiness, hints of nuttiness, hints of vegetation, hints of sweetness?

Flavors:  Looking for heavier, lighter, sweeter, fruity, grassy, fresh, vegetal, or floral?

Mouth-feel:  Do you like light, smooth, mellow, heavy dryness in the mouth or light dryness on the tongue, full, or thin?  

Aftertaste:  Do you like minty, dry, lingering, sweet or buttery?

If you have a desire to take the time and energy to discover new and interesting flavors and a more deliberate way to appreciate a beverage, you are ready for a premium tea loose-leaf adventure.

 We have been helping tea friends from around the world experience the magic of single source teas and the self-exploration engendered by engaging in tea rhythm.

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