Green Tea - Lu Cha

Green tea (Lu Cha) is the oldest tea category. By definition, Green teas are unoxidized, meaning that they take on a smaller range of distinctive flavors compared to heavily oxidized tea like Red tea (commonly called "Black tea" in the West). The enzymes that would oxidize the tea leaves are denatured when processing the tea leaves by frying, baking, or steaming.

Nonetheless, Green teas are not without their diversity and complexity of flavor. Most Greens will taste grassy or nutty, but some of the Greens we source taste unexpectedly sweet because of the terroir and cultivar.

When our Green teas are properly brewed, you'll notice that they are not bitter or harsh on the tongue. Most Green tea Americans are familiar with have a bitterness to them, which indicates an error in the picking or brewing. Because we ensure that our Green teas have been properly picked by visiting farms directly in China, we can guarantee that our Greens are the Grand Cru equivalents of the tea world.