Oolong Tea - Wulong Cha

Oolong teas are semi-oxidized teas. While they originated from the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian province, Anxi, Guangdong, and Taiwan are also famous for producing Oolong teas.

While each region differs in its processing methodology, generally the process for making Oolong tea involves withering the leaves, then shaking them to encourage oxidation. Applying high heat stops oxidation, and further rolling is done to shape the leaves and release volatile compounds from the leaf cells. Most Oolongs are roasted to some degree. In Wuyi, this happens multiple times over a few months.

While we carry several Oolongs from Anxi and the Phoenix Mountains, our specialty is in high quality Wuyi Cliff (Rock) teas, of which we stock several dozen. All of our Cliff teas are either "Half Cliff" (Ban Yan Cha) or "Full Cliff" (Zheng Yan Cha). We stock a range of Yan Cha to help introduce Americans to the Cliff tea world before directing them to more advanced, Zheng Yan teas.