Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine is the most famous of all the flowers used in tea infusions. Usually the tea leaves are processed to near completion and then infused with the picked Jasmine flowers for a couple weeks. Great Jasmine Green tea producers must pay careful attention to every step of the process. If done incorrectly, which is easy to do, the Jasmine can impart too much moisture to the tea leaves, destroying them in the process.

Although Jasmines are mostly infused with Green tea, it is possible to do jasmine infusions with other styles of tea. We have seen Red and Oolong based infusions, but we haven't yet sourced any of them for our shop.

What separates our Jasmine Green teas from other shops' is the balance between the flower infusion and the tea. Most Jasmine teas overpoweringly taste of Jasmine. Ours retain the flavors of the Green tea while also taking on delicate, yet noticable, flavors from the infusion.