How To Write An Excellent Customer Tasting Note For Sophie's

How To Write An Excellent Customer Tasting Note For Sophie's

Last month, you may have noticed that we added a tasting notes section to our product pages. Tasting notes are a way for customers to share their thoughts on the teas they have bought from Sophie’s.

Some of you have been looking for advice on how to provide excellent tasting notes for our pages. Here, we provide some tips on writing tasting notes.

First, your tasting notes are about your experience drinking the tea. It is unlikely that what you deem important or interesting about one tea aligns with other customers’ thoughts. Therefore, I encourage you to not worry too much about talking about the right things when writing a tasting note.

That having been said, we have found that there are some common themes among tasting notes that customers enjoy reading.

Good tasting notes usually touch on quality, taste, and experience.

It goes without saying that all teas at Sophie’s are of the highest quality you can buy in the West. However, speaking to why the tea you tasted is higher quality compared to teas you have tasted from other shops gives new customers a sense of what makes Sophie’s teas special. Think about describing the complexity and distinctiveness of flavors and mouthfeel here.

Providing your taste profile for the tea gives customers an idea of whether or not they will enjoy the tea’s flavor. Although this does not help customers know if the tea is high quality, it is the first thing that most customers want to know.

Lastly, tasting notes pop when they truly dig into your experience drinking the tea. How did drinking the tea make you feel? What does the tea remind you of? When do you like to drink this tea? These are all perfect questions to ponder to round out your tasting note.

We suggest writing a tasting note for a tea that you love the most first. Then, as you try more teas from Sophie’s, keep adding more tasting notes. We will eventually provide a way for you to track your tasting notes so you can compare teas and revisit old favorites.

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