Large Cup Tea: Explorations in Technique

Large Cup Tea: Explorations in Technique
I believe in tradition and innovation, authenticity and passion.
Jose Andres
Window shopping and deep study produce different understandings.  

Do you enjoy going to a teashop and marveling at the gongfu or small cup tea ceremony?  Have you thought about what it would take to put it into an American context?

Learn how Sophie’s Cuppa Tea has made it easy to enjoy the complexity of tea in a large cup. Purchase a three consecutive Saturday Zoom online tea tasting and improve your large cup brewing technique!

Sophie’s Cuppa Tea is renowned for large cup tea.

Over the course of two years we developed the methodology for creating large cup tea with a nod towards Chinese sensibilities in terms of flavor of the tea.

Why Large Cup?  America’s urban rhythm and cultural predilection is for easy and supersized.  Small cup tea has a rhythm all its own and, at the level of an expert, there are rules and standards that should be observed.   

Every year we reevaluate our brewing instructions for all 250 teas that we carry.   Tea is an agricultural product and just like any agricultural product that relies on terroir and individual processing to arrive at a final product, the flavor and character are different from year to year.  As we backfill single source teas, we test the instructions we have set for brewing and adjust accordingly.

As a consumer, you have the advantage of getting our instructions and being able to immediately enjoy the full taste of the tea.

Brewing instructions take into account many issues.  These issues include but are not limited to what sort of water are you using, what sort of tool are you using to actually steep your tea, how attentive are you when making tea, what amount of tea one should be using, what temperature one is brewing at, what ratio of water to tea leaves one is using, how many times should one be steeping tea leaves, how one is storing tea leaves, and what tolerances are there in the guidance for brewing.    

We cover all of the above issues and more during the Virtual online Tea Sessions at Sophie's Cuppa Tea.  If you would like to upgrade your enjoyment of tea please sign up for our zoom tea workshops.

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