Tea Rhythm In a Mug of Tea

Tea Rhythm In a Mug of Tea
Rhythm is a fundamental fact of life, the key, indeed, to the universe.
Anna Pavlova
“Personal Growth One Cup at a Time”

Are you trying to slow your rhythm of life?  Are you starting to reclaim a few minutes for yourself?  Do you want an experiential degree in tea?  

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Tea Rhythm.  Tea Meditation.  Personal Growth.  Group Sharing. 

Whether your goals are peace, creativity, quieting the active mind or any other growth or wellness path, tea can help you find your rhythm.

Appreciation of premium tea requires practice, focus and attention to detail.  Farmers go to a lot of trouble to select and process premium teas.  Some tea leaves come from ancient tea trees, some come from areas where tea has been famous for over a thousand years, all is produced in ways designed to provide unique flavor experiences.  At Sophie’s we have created a way for Americans to appreciate these teas using big cup brewing techniques. 

Tea rhythm is derived from taking the time and energy to link the details of the farmer’s care and grace in processing tea leaves to taking the time to consider all the details involved in understanding a tea.  

Tea meditation/rhythm encompasses many steps.  Aroma and taste are the endpoints on a patient journey to uncover secrets of tea.  Your starting point is setting aside time for the tea ritual to occur.  The ritual includes making sure your environment is free of extraneous aromas, all equipment is thoroughly clean, your mind is focused on the ritual of tea preparation and appreciation, your palate is suitably ready to experience as if for the first time a new tea. 

Tea leaf appearance, opening aromas of heated leaves, and recording of the experience (by making notes) are frequently part of the ritual.  The habit of thoughtfully tasting tea, evaluating mouth feel, aftertaste, energetics in the body, feeling of the tongue and all parts of the mouth lead you to fully take part in tea rhythm. 

Part of the habit can also be, when available, to share your observations with a committed group of explorers and people interested in expanding tea knowledge. 

The end result of tea rhythm is often a grounding feeling, a sense of being present, a better understanding of what you really enjoy in tea, a clearer mind and a camaraderie with other people taking this journey, and a relaxed happiness derived from an experience of learning.   

If this matches your goals, sign up for a virtual tea tasting with our tea friends.

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