The Beauty of East Meets West In a Mug of Tea

The Beauty of East Meets West In a Mug of Tea
“The Road to Success is Constantly Under Construction”
Lily Tomlin
How does one gain a deeper understanding of Chinese teas?
Picture a punt, umbrellas outfitted to shade the sun, two boatmen one fore and one aft equipped with poles to steer.  As the boat drifts down a slow river, six people seated at a rectangular table enjoy small cups of tea prepared by the vessel's tea master.  Columnar mountains of volcanic origin float past.  All the cares of life seem to float away and time seems centered in the tea on the river.
Now imagine sitting on your deck on a sunny morning learning how to bring that experience home.  You are appreciating, together with a group of like-minded armchair adventurers, how to actually brew a large mug of tasty, mysterious tea from the same mountains in China.
In China, tea has long been celebrated as a refreshing, healthful beverage for centuries.  In the West, we are still learning to appreciate the nature and breadth of Chinese teas, particularly single source teas.   The art of making small cup tea resides with tea masters and professionals who have received extensive training in China.
We at Sophie’s realized 20 years ago that most Americans would have difficulty appreciating and learning how to brew small cup tea.  In addition, the American pace of life is inconsistent with this approach.  We researched and developed methodology, tested in China, to convert small cup into large cup tea more suited to American rhythm.
What we have done at Sophie's is to transform the small cup experience into a large cup experience.  We have found this conforms better to the American rhythm of consuming beverages without sacrificing the wonderful taste experience that tea can offer. During the online sessions participants learn this craft.
Sophie's Cuppa Tea virtual tea sessions have become a staple for countless tea lovers all over the world.  The online sessions have been occurring every Saturday since May 2020.
These virtual sessions also allow participants to receive information on all aspects of tea production, history, folklore and culture associated with tea and actual breadth of experience with tasting of different teas.  In each session we take a broad look at a single tea and participants learn how to brew, evaluate quality and share language about all aspects of the tea experience.   Participants discuss mouth feel, aftertaste, energetics, sensory perceptions and other questions related to tea.
We carry over 250 teas, all from China, all single source.  Our sessions provide an experiential understanding of teas and Chinese tea culture. 


If this describes your goals, sign up for the Virtual Tea Sessions with us!

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