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Virtual Tea Tasting Class

Each Saturday morning we explore the brewing techniques, history, and culture that makes each tea unique.

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Virtual Tea Tasting

Virtual Tea Tasting

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Join our tea friends Saturday morning at 9:30 am PT on Zoom to explore what makes each of our teas unique. Each virtual tea tasting runs for three consecutive weeks.

In your box you will receive three samples of Sophie's teas. During each tasting, we brew one of the teas together and discuss the history, origin, and culture behind the tea.


The Virtual Tea Tasting is a place where you can find a key to unlocking the secrets of brewing teas, developing tea language, increasing your understanding of different types of teas and learning how to make judgements about tea quality.


Each tasting is different. Typically, unless noted in sign up description, over the course of three one-hour sessions, the participants get a chance to brew a tea, discuss the tea, learn about its processing and history, and ask questions about any aspect of the tea.


Each and every premium, single-source, single-origin tea has its own instructions which include best brewing tools, temperatures of water, amount of tea leaves and steeping times. Our tea friends of all ages and from all over the world appreciate the ability to produce an easy, repeatable large cup experience.


Premium, artisanal tea, expertly brewed tea, brings balance to existence. It also teaches us a tea rhythm and a tea meditation which brings quiet pleasure to our lives.


In these uncertain times, give the gift of tranquility and nourishment--a Virtual Tea Tasting.