Seasoned — Taiyang River Huang Cha

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Seasoned (Taiyang River Huang Cha) is a beautiful Yellow Tea (Huang Cha) from Taiyang He Region with a fresh, corn taste and a smooth mouthfeel.

Like all of our teas, we only source the "Grand Cru" version of Seasoned (Taiyang River Huang Cha) through our exclusive relationships with the most sought after tea farmers in China.

About Seasoned

Very few of the teas we source have Chinese names, so I like to come up with English names that capture the essence of the tea. This tea was originally called "Saffron", until my marketers told me that "Saffron tea" is a thing already.

I originally named the tea "Saffron" because it made me think about the differences between Yellow tea and other categories of tea. Everything about this tea is distinctly Yellow. You could not mistake it for a Green, Oolong, or Sheng Pu'er. Maybe this has to do with the craft, which is so specialized in this region that it looks nothing like the tea craft elsewhere.

Tea Profile

  • Category: Yellow Tea (Huang Cha)
  • Location: Taiyang He Region
  • Pick: Spring 2021
  • Aroma: Light, Fresh, Bamboo
  • Taste: Fresh, Corn
  • Mouthfeel: Smooth
  • Aftertaste: Long Lasting, Full
  • Sensory Experience: Neutral
  • Roast: None
  • Oxidation: Light

Best Brewed in Glass or Ceramic

Water Temperature 170°F
Amount of tea 4 grams of tea
Brew Covered or Uncovered Uncovered
Brew Times

Ceramic or Glass

  • 1st Brew: 2 minutes
  • 2nd Brew: 1 minute

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