Siren Song
Siren Song
Siren Song

Siren Song

Jinji Shan Huang Cha| Jinji Mountains | Spring 2021
Loose Leaf

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Brews 14 cups of tea. $3.35 per cup.


About Siren Song

Siren Song is a Yellow Tea (Huang Cha) from Jinji Shan in Anhui.


This Huang Cha is unique because of the steps that go into heating, smothering, and drying the tea leaves. They are only used in Anhui for producing Yellow Teas.


Drinking Experience

This Huang Cha has a fresh aroma. When brewed properly, the tea liquor should appear bright yellow.


This tea is comfortable to sip. The flavor is mellow and slightly sweet. It is a smooth, easy-to-drink tea with a full and thick aftertaste. Truly a delight to drink!

Best Brewed in Glass or Ceramic

Water Temperature 170°F
Amount of tea 4 grams of tea
Brew Covered or Uncovered Uncovered
Brew Times

Ceramic or Glass

  • 1st Brew: 2 minutes
  • 2nd Brew: 1 minute

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