Wang's Creation — Taiping Houkui

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Wang's Creation (Taiping Houkui) is a beautiful Green Tea (Lu Cha) from Anhui Province with a seaweed, sweet, citrus taste and a smooth, heavy bodied mouthfeel.

Like all of our teas, we only source the "Grand Cru" version of Wang's Creation (Taiping Houkui) through our exclusive relationships with the most sought after tea farmers in China.

About Wang's Creation

Also known as "Taiping Houkui", Wang's Creation is a very difficult tea to source. Taiping Houkui is made deep in the mountains in a famous area of growth that is heavily gated to protect tea production. Only a farmer may let you in.

Wang's Creation is distinct because it has gigantic leaves, hence a heavier mouthfeel. The tea pick is a bud and two leaves, and is handled discretely in every step of production. The fryer at this farm has been producing the tea for fifty years, and has production down to a science.

Tea Profile

  • Category: Green Tea (Lu Cha)
  • Location: Anhui Province
  • Pick: Spring 2019
  • Special Properties: Famous
  • Aroma: Grassy
  • Taste: Seaweed, Sweet, Citrus
  • Mouthfeel: Smooth, Heavy Bodied
  • Sensory Experience: Cooling, Refreshing, Energizing
  • Roast: None
  • Oxidation: None

Best Brewed in Glass or Ceramic

Water Temperature 175°F
Amount of tea 5 grams of tea
Brew Covered or Uncovered Uncovered
Rinse None
Brew Times

Ceramic or Glass

  • 1st Brew: 2 minutes
  • 2nd Brew: 1 minute

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